Shirley Davies & The Silverbacks

Londoner and daughter of Jamaican parents Shirley Davis emigrated at age 16 to Australia for love.

There she began a musical career, and despite getting relatively popular, she never quite reached the heights she would later on. Curiously her great opportunity would arrive in Madrid. There, she would go on stage to sing with Sharon Jones. They are then discovered by those responsible for Tucxone Records. After locating her (not without difficulty), they convince her to record a disc along with The Silverbacks, the record label band. In Cerdanyola she will present his new album "Wishes and Wants". Some say that this year she is destined to become the great lady of the European Soul. Her concert in Cerdanyola can be an excellent opportunity to check how accurate these predictions are.

Event Info

6 Oct 2018
Parc del Turonet