Carla Sunday

"I must have been born with the music inside of me, just like my heart, my liver, my kidneys or my blood... I've always needed the music, like I need the food or the water."

This phrase by the great Ray Charles undoubtedly defines the way in which CARLA SUNDAY performs, understands and lives music.

At 27, Carla Sunday has long since ceased to be a promise and has become a reality on the Barcelona music scene. Carla interprets with her powerful voice, full of nuances and resources, the classics of Soul, Blues and Jazz, styles that have always marked her foundations as a singer and as a music teacher. In this new project, she is supported by the collaboration of musicians with a wide and proven professional career of more than 25 years behind her. Roberto Olori, the Italian-Swiss, is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant drummers in the country, a regular in countless top-level Spanish and international bands.

Beside him, J.J. Bass, a solid bassist with a proven musical career, forms a wonderful rhythmic base to which the guitar and the voice of Charlie Yañez are added, to accompany the surprising voice of Carla, who will captivate you from the first moment, taking you to a exciting journey through African-American music.

Event Info

29 Sept 2018
Plaça de Francesc Layret