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Tina & Joe is a duo formed by Tina Masawi (Zimbabue) and José Azul (Spain) now based in Barcelona. 

They both have a large musical experience with their single carreer and now they play together to offer to the public the music that they love. 

Tina Masawi has ben award as Best Musical Actrees in Africa in 2013, and as you can listen in the links below, she is gifted with a very unique voice and acting. 

José Azul is a professional session musician, that has been touring with many projects and bands arround all the national territory and some foreigns countries. 

The Tina & Joe Show is a high quality and elegant music concert where the duo plays an accurate selection of themes, special for every occasion. In their career they have been playing in many theatres, clubs, bars... 

The music styles from the show are between the retro classics and the modern styles like blues, jazz, soul, pop or rock. Also we have to mention the present songs adapted to the style and sound of the band. 

These are the festivals where Tina & Joe have been played and where they will play in 2017. 

SantQ Black Festival, Benicassim Blues Festival, Tolosand Blues Festival, Burlada Blues Festival, Festival NEC Calella, Festival de Blues de Lleida, Cerdanyola International Blues Festival.


Before You Get Closer:

At last, Etta James

Medley live demo



Event Info

3 Oct 2017
Tempo Di Vino (C. Sant Ramon 117)
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Jose A. Guillem
935808888 Ext. 3637

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Jordi Jorba
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