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The Howlin' Dogs project digs into the Work Songs of the African-American community.

Following the clues of musicologists Alan and John Lomax, they enter the work fields of prisons in the southern United States, where the working conditions are similar to those of the community in times of slavery.

Howlin'Dogs gives a new musical vision to some texts that have not lost their validity at the present time due to the timelessness of some themes, as well as to the fact that nowadays we can still find very similar situations of labour abuse and poverty.

The idea was developed by Enric Teruel during 2014, recording the first demos and consolidating the project's base.

At the end of this year the complete band is formed:

Smoking Bambino: Voice

Lluis Figueras: Guitar

Cheka: Drum

Popi: Bass Guitar

Enric Teruel: Guitar

Event Info

6 Oct 2018
Parc del Turonet