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Irene Ruiz is a polifacetic singer and artists, with passion for the music, art and beauty. 

Colaboration: Cerdanyola Lindy Hoppers 

The KISSINGBANDIT is comming, a thief of the song from the golden swing years for all the 21st century dancers. With her warm and penetrating voice, you will feel the sensuality in your own skin. After many years that we had to go dancing outside, finally there is in Cerdanyola a Lindy Hop Asociation for all these people who have devotion for the Swing and the dance. Here we are 5 crazy people together, with the intention of having a great time with everybody who likes this type of music. 

With the THEKISSINGBANDIT she shows her wildest side. If you listen to her voice, she will try to caress you, she is going to sing with all her body and to transmit the rythm to as much people as she can to make everybody dance. 




Event Info

1 Oct 2017
Pl. Grau i Altayó
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Jose A. Guillem
935808888 Ext. 3637

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