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Mrs. Brownie is a musical show where Teatru Nu and Laura Guiteras, We have decided to work together to learn from eachother. 

For us, every new project is a new discovery, a proces where we can grow up as artists. In this case, we are going deep for the first time in the muscial theatre's world, and we are doing that next to one of the most interesting actreess and singer from the country: Laura Guiteras. 


“Mrs. Brownie” tells us the story of a northamerican black music diva, i her lasts days. She is alone with her only friend, a hearty pianist, and her young maid. Mrs. Brownie lives her lasts days with the memories and nostalgia of the songs that made her fameous in the past days. 

Between life and death and the dreams and the reality, Mrs Brownie is going to look with tenderness and humour, the humanity of somebody who, after beeing considerated as a myth, she has to face her own



  • Original idea: Laura Guiteras
  • Direction and dramaturgy: Víctor Borràs
  • Actress and singuer: Laura Guiteras
  • Pianist and actor: Abel Boquera
  • Scenography and puppets: Martí Doy
  • Customes Designer: Nídia Tusal
  • Customs: Ester Moreno
  • Original Music: Laura Guiteras i Abel Boquera
  • Director's Assistant: Francesc Mas
  • Production and distribution: Maria Hervàs
  • International Distribution: Marta Gràcia

Event Info

4 Oct 2017
Teatre Ateneu
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