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(Madrid, 1974) Mix his electric face with his side of old country blues musician. It is in this last one where he have the recognition of the public and the critics. 

Edu "Big Hands"

He started playing the guitar as a self-study with 16 years old. Since the very begining he was considered as a blues revelation. Nowadays, Edu "Big Hands" (Aka Edu "Manazas), is still beeing one of the more productive artists in the national music circuit. 

 He plays in the following bands:

  • Edu “Big Hands” trio
  • Edu “Big Hands” Quartet
  • The Gentle Knights
  • Black Night
  • Edu “Big Hands” & Whiskey Tren


Stage : El Huevo Gordo

Huevo Gordo was born in 1993 as a magazine of musical information, monthly and free, for the promotion of musicians, groups, concerts, discs, etc.

In 2012, on the occasion of the Blues Festival of the bars "October IN Blues" is published the number 0 of the second period. In these five years, our line of work remains the same: the diffusion of music from less musicians
favored by the advertising to some already more consecrated and the rooms that program, work hard with few means. There has been a growth and expansion in the Spanish geography at this time, the magazine is currently distributed in Andalusia, Aragon, Catalunya, Euskadi, Extremadura, Madrid, Murcia, Navarre and Valencia.

On this fifth anniversary, in gratitude for the confidence of our readers and advertisers who help us to continue, we want to pay tribute to them by offering them a concert at the most appropriate time and place: the celebration of the Cerdanyola International Blues Festival .

That's why on Friday, October 6 at 20:00, we'll be waiting for you at the El Huevo Gordo stage, located in the Plaza Jaume Grau i Altayo where Edu Manazas Trio and Tòfol Martínez will perform, two of the national blues scene. We wait for you!


Event Info

6 Oct 2017
Pl. Grau I Altayó
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