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The fact of singing Gospel means an own musical rules and staging. Because of that, the good vibes and the fun are as much important as the technique for the Cor Carlit Choir. This feeling makes the connection with the audience very special and easy. 


We have one of the widest repertoire of contemporany gospel. Our specialization is the traditional gospel and the black spiritual classic songs, like Go down Moses, and also the most modern and contemporany gospel like the compsition written by Robert ray or R.Smallwood Total Praise, Help Me, Anthem of praise. In our repertoire we also have to mention the african songs like Asimbonanga, Siyahamba and the covers of tradicional gospel songs - King Jesus, Holy, among many others. 

During our career we have performed in the main scenarios of the Barcelona's music scene (Luz de Gas, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Musica Viva festival from Vic and the Blues and Jazz and blues international Festival from Cerdanyola. Outside Catalunya we have played in 2004 in Castella y Leon, and we been touring in France, Austria, Slovakia and Germany. 

The Festivals are a venue where the Cor Carlit Gospel we feel very comfortables. The prove of that is that we have a large experience playing in festivals such as Musica Viva Festival from Vic, the International jazz and Blues festival from Cerdanyola, The International Festival from the Pyrenees, The Gospel Festival from Ciutat Vella, The Ona's Black Soul or the Advent Music Festival from Bratislava (Slovakia). On the stage, they have played international bands like Stupendams, Mr.Blaze, Mònica Green, Jean-Paul Wabotai, The Brotherhood Singers, Robert Ray or Walt.



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6 Oct 2017
Teatre Ateneu
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