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The mix between a classic formation as the orchestra, with a band with blues roots, it can be interesting and new. A fresh, powerful and exepcional iniciative. 

The Jove Orquesta from Cerdanyola always had an spirit for colaborating with other formations and bands. Thats how the idea of playing in the International Blues Festival of Cerdanyola with another experienced band begun.

We did the proposal to A Contra Blues, a band with 11 years of experience, which they also had the wish of playing with an orchestra. 

Thats how the iniciative of playing at the Festival was born, a festival that it's been an indispensable event in our city, after growing up next to the A Contra Blues band. 



Event Info

8 Oct 2017
Parc del Turonet
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Jose A. Guillem
935808888 Ext. 3637

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Jordi Jorba
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