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In Big Yuyu we feel and we life the blues from Mallorca. This year is our 10th aniversary and we have the pleasure to prensent SOULIFY GIRL, our fourth studio album. 

One more time we did again our own compositions, with somthing new to say, comming back to the original format of "power trio" with a wide range of rithms and melodies with the blues as a lenguage and with the great guitarrists Santiago Campillo with the production. 

We feel lucky because we could present our projects and productions in many places, in the main festivals and theatres form our country and we were able to bring our way of understanding the music and the blues into many countries like Germany, Holland, United Kigndom, Belgium, and Switzerland, where we visit often and we always had good response from the audience. 

With Jordi Àlvarez as a singuer and guitarist, Estve Huguet with the drums and Juan Almaro with the bass, Big Yuyu is today one of the oldest bands in the music circuit, with a compact and powerful live show, that it comes after many nights of blues. 


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8 Oct 2017
Pati del Ateneu
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