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The Rock band from Cerdanyola, The Bacos, is going to bring their guitars, their drums and the voice of his lead singuer Toni Molina, into the Sala

 Organization: Sala Circus

The group was formed at the end of the 90's. Maybe you can remember, although they had a diferent name by this time. The name was El Triunfo de Baco, with a wide range of influences from Tequila to Los Rodriguez, Los Ronaldo, Los Rebeldes and also Sopa de Cabra. 

After some years the group have found their own personality and style, after they have changed the name and also the singuer. In 2015 the Bacos had a new incorporation with Toni Molina, comming from another band La Dulce Jane, a rock band from Sabadell where he was the singer. 

The result of this evolution are a quality songs and the energy of this album Aprovecha el Momento, that although it was recorded some years algo, maybe we will be able to listen ( cross fingers) at the show in La Bascula. 

The bacos have some albums in their backs. After recording "Abierto 24 horas", the demo-tape that it was launched in 2002, in 2005 they recorded Para no dormir", with Carlos Goñi (from Revolver) in the production and in 2012 they edited Vuelvo a Sentirme Mejor. 

The band have been working recentlly in new songs, so there is some options that we will listen new material in the concert on Friday. 

Event Info

29 Sep 2017
Sala Circus
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