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Wax & Boogie has become one of the most valued bands on the Blues, Rhythm & Blues and Boogie Woogie scene.


Ster Wax and David Giorcelli have been able to capture, like few others, the true spirit of the traditional music of the Afro-American people in order to transform it into their own means of expression. Their knowledge of the language of black music is broad, rich and varied. Ster and David move with serenity and security through the variants of the genre.

The band is formed on drums by maestro Reginald Vilardell, one of the most sought-after musicians on the national and international scene, and the double bass of Oriol Fontanals, a musician with an enviable Groove.

In 2016, Wax & Boogie Rhythm Combo, was selected to represent Spain in the European Blues Challenge organized in Italy.

But there is more. Playing at international Blues and Boogie festivals such as Lugano in Switzerland, or Mont Dore Jazz in France, they meet one of the most recognized international figures of recent times, the English saxophonist Drew Davies, and a close relationship begins. He regularly collaborates with artists such as Mike Sanchez or Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne, among others, and has had the pleasure of participating in festivals throughout Europe. His inspiration lies in the Swing of the 40s and the Rhythm & Blues of the 50s.

Ster Wax - Voice

David Giorcelli - Piano

Oriol Fontanals - Double bass

Reginald Vilardell - Battery

Special guest:

Drew Davies - Tenor Sax / Voice


Event Info

7 Oct 2018
Parc del Turonet