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CafeSoul is a band formed in 1992 in full swing of live music. The band was formed in the fix programation of the most prestigious  music halls in Barcelona suc as La Cova del Drac, Luz de Gas, and La Boite. Thanks to his talent they were adopted by the fameous catalan pianist, Lucky Guri. 

The members are famous profesional musicians from the scene in our country. The repertoire of CafeSoul is based in the different varieties of black music such as funk, soul, R&B.... and artists like Jame Brown, Tower of Power, Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson among many others, transforming classic songs in original cover versions. 

Place: Shapó Bar-Restaurant  (c. Sant Ramon 101)

Time: 12:30 h

Organitzation: Shapó Bar-Restaurant

Inside terrase. We reccomend you to book in advance. 


Event Info

1 Oct 2017
Bar-Restaurant Shapó (c. Sant Ramon 101)
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Jose A. Guillem
935808888 Ext. 3637

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