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Many years and some changes of formation have taken place since six musicians halfway between Vigo and Nigrán (Pontevedra) got together in a basement back in July 2004 to play a handful of songs inspired by the American and British Rock & Roll sound of the early 70s.

Currently the band is formed by: Jorge Mizer and Guillermo Gagliardi on guitars, Jann Zerega on bass Fender, Xabier Vieitez on keys, Mauro Comesaña on drums and Toño López on lead vocals. It was precisely the purely Soul and African-American tinge of Toño's voice - coupled with an overwhelming stage presence full of class but somewhat wild - that led them to be christened The Soul Jacket.

After several years of touring and albums behind them, in 2017 they released their latest work'Volume III'. This new album has been surrounded by mystery ever since the moment the Galician band unexpectedly announced that they were travelling back to Hendrik Röver's Guitartown Recording Studios to shape it. A mystery that permeates the music of each and every one of its eleven tracks, enclosed behind an enigmatic cover with no title or reference of any kind. The lysergic blues approach of the Fleetwood Macs of the Peter Green era, the cadence and sense of melody of the golden years of the Californian Laurel Canyon, the vast territories of the Country Rock pioneers, and the mystical but comforting melancholy of the Basement Tapes of Bob Dylan & The Band. All of this is masterfully fused into this new album. Undoubtedly the best and most ambitious in the career of a band fully committed to its message and music.

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5 Oct 2018
Parc del Turonet