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After all this years, the International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola have had the intention of introduce, not only the music, but also the culture behind the blues as a cultural, creative and emotional expression. 

The International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola del Vallès had the first edition in 1988. The original idea came from the Cerdanyola Radio after organizing a concert for celebrating the 5th anniversaty of the station.  It was in that moment when they decided to organize a blues festival, to differentiate between Cerdanyola and the rest of the territory.


This year is the 2th edition (29 years) of a festival that stands for having national and international top artists, and also for diversificating the venues of the festival arround the city like in MAC, the Ateneu de Cerdanyola or with the open air concerts in the Tuonet Park and Abat Oliva sq.


The Festival is organized by the Cerdanyola del vallès City Council and the Blues Comission, with the participation of the neighbors specialists in "black music".


The festival is getting biger, and it will be more with the help of everybody.