He was born in Barcelona, but he has the workshop in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Ramón Ruipérez is the author of the poster from the last edition of the festival. He started the artistic studies when he was 16 years old in the Taller Quatre Pintors Academy where he learns from the work of the professors Nuria Balcells, Agustí Roca or Jorge Zaldivar. This is how he was iniciated in the artictic draw world. In 1987 he started his career as an artist and his first exhibition was at the Lola Anglada gallery from Barcelona

As a jazz lover, his work transmits the spirituality of the progress in the artworks and constructions, the reunions of the musicians who plays in the streets, the detail of the femenin figure and above all the dancers, and the portraits that goes farther than the close-up to search the psicology of the characters