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The first edition of the International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola was in 1988. The idea cames from the Cerdanyola Radio, with the hand of a group of professionals that they were doing a radio program. By this time, the festivals, specially the jazz festivals, became more popular in Terrassa and barcelona, but it didn't exist any blues event. 

After organizing a big concert for celebrating the 5th aniversary of the radio, they decided to organize a blues festival, to diferenciate Cerdanyola from the rest of the territory. 

And this is how the first Blues Festival from Cerdanyola started, with many ambitions and ideas. Now the event is a consolidated date in the international blues festivals. 

After 29 years, with 27 editions (in 2011 the festival became every two years) and with many fameous international artists that have visited the festival, the Cerdanyola del Vallès City Council and the Blues Comission are organizing the edition of this year. 

In 2017 we start with a new edition with many ilusion and with the colaboration of institutions, associations and neighbors.