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The Teasers is a blues band formed in 2012 in Barcelona. Originally it was a trio formation but with many colaborations. For their debut album they have new incorporations.


They present the new album, a trip throw diferent music styles like soul, pop, rock and blues, honoring the great bluesman like Elmore James, Howlin Wolf and B.B King, and great musicians like jimi Hendrix, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and original compositions from the group.

The Teasers have participated in two times at the Blues Festival from Cerdanyola, in the 2013 and 2015 editions, with a great acceptance between the critics and the audience. The are going to perform in the Blues Burada festival, the Sant QBlack festival, the blues Festival from Tolousse, in the Benicassim Blues Festival and in the NEC from Calella. They also usually play in some of the best blues venues like the "Milano Cocktail Bar" in Barcelona, "La Traviesa" from tarragona or the Sala Artte from Barcelona. 

The group is formed by musicians with a large experience and career. José Azul with the guitarr and singing, Tina masawi as a singer with David Gomez with the drums and matias Míguez with the bass.




Blue truck have a variety of colaborations from great artists line Tina Masawi from Zimbabue, that has received the award as a Best Musical Singer in South Africa in 2013. JJ Caro with the keyboard, and Manu Guix as a keyboard and musical Director from Grease, Fama, Que etc... Raul Reverter with the alto sax, he has ben touring  with musicians such as Pat Metheny, Deborah Carter or Jerry González. Joan Pau Cumellas, with an international reputation for his skills with the harmonica, he has recorded discs with Manolo García or Lotti Lewis and he has participated in all the jazz and blues festivals from Spain and many other ones in Europe. 

In this LP there are 10 songs, seven of them originals and 3 cover versions. One of this cover versions "Every day I have the blues" is a tribute to BB King, althougt is an original composition by Pinetop Sparks, it was a fondamental song in his concerts. In the song he respects the original arrangement that the same BB King was playing during the 50's, but adapted to the sound of today. 

Their own repertoire and their sound is a mix of uncontable influences but basically we can define them as electric contemporany blues. 

This influences goes from the rural blues like  Robert Johnson, the evolution of Elmore James or Muddy Waters,  until contemporany artists as Jimi Hendrix, Robert Cray, Steve Ray Vaughn, Albert Collins or Buddy Guy. 

The original lyrics written by José Azul, are a biographic methaphor from different stories that fits with the music landscape of the blues. Basically disaffection, or impossible's love like in "Hurt you" or "He believes". Another times with hapiness and positive energy lie in "Blue Truck" or Never comes noon". 

In this album we can find different sonour landscapes. From the original line-up  recorded in live in the studio and in this themes: "Hear my train a comin" from Jimi Hendrix, "You Said"  from The Teasers Blues Band or "The sky is crying" from Elmore James. Or with big bands as in Every day I have the blues" from BB King, "Troubles with women" or "Never Comes Noon" from The Teasers.

This album was recorded in one of the best studios in Barcelona, O i Art, a multi-room space where is it possible to record at the same time the majority of tracks from the CD and with the best quality, also with one of the best musical technicians, Iván Hanon. 

The mix and the mastering it was done by the artist Alex martínez, from Brasil, a Sound Enginyeer from Universal Music. 

We wish that you will enjoy our work as much as we did. 

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29 Sep 2017
Pati del MAC
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