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Over the last few years, The Slingshots and their powerful live show have become a benchmark in Barcelona's rich Funk-Soul scene, achieving an important response from the public and the media, who have not been indifferent to the band's proposals, both in the studio and live.

This connection, of course, plays an important role in his latest work.

True to their rawness, The Slingshots are not afraid to get much dirtier on their second LP, Spread The Mud! Cooked over a low heat, this longed-for long-lasting showpiece features a more mature band that continues to explore the depths of black music away from any cliché that stiffens its personality. Working with Mike Mariconda and Marc Tena at Sol De Sants Studio (Barcelona) has been the perfect environment for the band to complete the production of this new album, mastered by Roger Rodés at Medusa Studio.

In addition, Spread The Mud! comes with a surprising live performance in which the band's new songs will explode on the most select palates alongside some of the classics from their repertoire: Everything the audience needs to savour the wildest side of the music.

Event Info

28 Sept 2018
Plaça Abat Oliba