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molinavilaThe Cerdanyola international Blues Festival which will be held between 28 September and 7 October now has a graphic image in the work of the illustrator from Cerdanyola, Olga Molina.

The sign, which is charged with symbolism, answers the question where are the women? which is often asked in the country’s musical and cultural sector. The sign features a black female instrumentalist, which is not very usual as women are normally represented in their facet as singers. What’s more, the illustration also pays clear homage to the Afro-American activist Rosa Parks and to her iconic image on a bus when she refused to give up her seat to a white man when asked to by the driver in Montgomery (Alabama). In 1955 this unleashed a long boycott of public transport which lasted 381 days. For the artist, Olga Molina, in the drawing the girl “has a direct look which calls out to the spectator as if they were getting on the bus” and “raises a challenging eyebrow” because “she is alone, it is night time but she is not frightened”, the illustrator highlights. Molina has also tried to be faithful to “a casual and intimate scene before or after a concert” while recovering “the essence of blues feeling”.

For her part, the councillor responsible for culture in Cerdanyola Council, Elvi Vila, explains that of the three sign proposals offered, this was chosen because it was a female artist with connections with the town. Vila also highlights the many interpretations of the poster and stresses the “challenging attitude of the main character, which is quite a vindication at the present time”.

Olga Molina studies painting restorations where she learns pictorial techniques and becomes familiar with the style of the classical painters. Shortly after she starts a stage that features realist paintings, but needs to find a free language of her own, which she develops after doing a postgraduate in creative illustration. As an illustrator she works with aquarelle and a more relaxed style, free of proportions and perspectives and with drawings that stretch beyond a strict decorative function. In two thousand and fifteen, the WeTransfer platform offers to promote her work and this allows her to take a large step forward and work on some international projects.

cartellblues2018Renewed logo

Furthermore, one of this year’s graphic novelties is that it recovers the historical logo of the Cerdanyola International Blues Festival. This was the work of Manuel Méndez and has been updated for the thirtieth anniversary. This distinction will feature on different elements of merchandising made expressly for the event. Méndez, a resident of Cerdanyola, is a graphic designer.

10 days of blues

Between 28 September and 7 October, Cerdanyola will become the capital of Blues and will recover the yearly frequency of the Cerdanyola International Blues Festival which this year will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and its twenty-eight edition (the festival became a two-year event in 2012). Streets, squares and premises in the city will soon present a broad programme.