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molinavilaThe Cerdanyola international Blues Festival which will be held between 28 September and 7 October now has a graphic image in the work of the illustrator from Cerdanyola, Olga Molina.

The sign, which is charged with symbolism, answers the question where are the women? which is often asked in the country’s musical and cultural sector. The sign features a black female instrumentalist, which is not very usual as women are normally represented in their facet as singers. What’s more, the illustration also pays clear homage to the Afro-American activist Rosa Parks and to her iconic image on a bus when she refused to give up her seat to a white man when asked to by the driver in Montgomery (Alabama). In 1955 this unleashed a long boycott of public transport which lasted 381 days. For the artist, Olga Molina, in the drawing the girl “has a direct look which calls out to the spectator as if they were getting on the bus” and “raises a challenging eyebrow” because “she is alone, it is night time but she is not frightened”, the illustrator highlights. Molina has also tried to be faithful to “a casual and intimate scene before or after a concert” while recovering “the essence of blues feeling”.

For her part, the councillor responsible for culture in Cerdanyola Council, Elvi Vila, explains that of the three sign proposals offered, this was chosen because it was a female artist with connections with the town. Vila also highlights the many interpretations of the poster and stresses the “challenging attitude of the main character, which is quite a vindication at the present time”.

Olga Molina studies painting restorations where she learns pictorial techniques and becomes familiar with the style of the classical painters. Shortly after she starts a stage that features realist paintings, but needs to find a free language of her own, which she develops after doing a postgraduate in creative illustration. As an illustrator she works with aquarelle and a more relaxed style, free of proportions and perspectives and with drawings that stretch beyond a strict decorative function. In two thousand and fifteen, the WeTransfer platform offers to promote her work and this allows her to take a large step forward and work on some international projects.

cartellblues2018Renewed logo

Furthermore, one of this year’s graphic novelties is that it recovers the historical logo of the Cerdanyola International Blues Festival. This was the work of Manuel Méndez and has been updated for the thirtieth anniversary. This distinction will feature on different elements of merchandising made expressly for the event. Méndez, a resident of Cerdanyola, is a graphic designer.

10 days of blues

Between 28 September and 7 October, Cerdanyola will become the capital of Blues and will recover the yearly frequency of the Cerdanyola International Blues Festival which this year will be celebrating its thirtieth anniversary and its twenty-eight edition (the festival became a two-year event in 2012). Streets, squares and premises in the city will soon present a broad programme.

After all this years, the International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola have had the intention of introduce, not only the music, but also the culture behind the blues as a cultural, creative and emotional expression. 

The International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola del Vallès had the first edition in 1988. The original idea came from the Cerdanyola Radio after organizing a concert for celebrating the 5th anniversaty of the station.  It was in that moment when they decided to organize a blues festival, to differentiate between Cerdanyola and the rest of the territory.


This year is the 2th edition (29 years) of a festival that stands for having national and international top artists, and also for diversificating the venues of the festival arround the city like in MAC, the Ateneu de Cerdanyola or with the open air concerts in the Tuonet Park and Abat Oliva sq.


The Festival is organized by the Cerdanyola del vallès City Council and the Blues Comission, with the participation of the neighbors specialists in "black music".


The festival is getting biger, and it will be more with the help of everybody.   

The first edition of the International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola was in 1988. The idea cames from the Cerdanyola Radio, with the hand of a group of professionals that they were doing a radio program. By this time, the festivals, specially the jazz festivals, became more popular in Terrassa and barcelona, but it didn't exist any blues event. 

After organizing a big concert for celebrating the 5th aniversary of the radio, they decided to organize a blues festival, to diferenciate Cerdanyola from the rest of the territory. 

And this is how the first Blues Festival from Cerdanyola started, with many ambitions and ideas. Now the event is a consolidated date in the international blues festivals. 

After 29 years, with 27 editions (in 2011 the festival became every two years) and with many fameous international artists that have visited the festival, the Cerdanyola del Vallès City Council and the Blues Comission are organizing the edition of this year. 

In 2017 we start with a new edition with many ilusion and with the colaboration of institutions, associations and neighbors. 

A luxury poster, never better said, for the image that is going to represent the International Blues Festival from Cerdanyola del Vallès that is going to take place from the 29th of september until the 8th of october. 

Joan Vizcarra, is one of the most important ilustrators and cartoonist in the international scene, signs a poster where appears four big legends of the blues:  BB King, Louis Amstrong, John Lee Hooker and Ray Charles.

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With a programation organized by the Ajuntament of Cerdanyola and the Blues Comission from Cerdanyola, and the colaboration of the Diputacio de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya, the festival celebrates the 27th edition inviting national and international top artists. The dates for this edition are from the 29th of september to the 8th of october. 


To access to the full clipping of the edition in 2015, click into this link

He was born in Barcelona, but he has the workshop in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Ramón Ruipérez is the author of the poster from the last edition of the festival. He started the artistic studies when he was 16 years old in the Taller Quatre Pintors Academy where he learns from the work of the professors Nuria Balcells, Agustí Roca or Jorge Zaldivar. This is how he was iniciated in the artictic draw world. In 1987 he started his career as an artist and his first exhibition was at the Lola Anglada gallery from Barcelona

As a jazz lover, his work transmits the spirituality of the progress in the artworks and constructions, the reunions of the musicians who plays in the streets, the detail of the femenin figure and above all the dancers, and the portraits that goes farther than the close-up to search the psicology of the characters


A new edition of the Blues Festival from Cerdanyola is here. The 26th edition is going to take place from the 9th until the 18th of october with the participation of national and international blues top artists. In the opening concert we are going to have Santiago Campillo and Miguel Bañon, the 9th of october at 22 hours in the Art Museum from Cerdanyola (MAC). Previously is going to be a warm-up event at 20h with the band Angue Blues Quartet. All the activities in the festival are open to the public, with the only exception of the Gospel Viu Choir Concert on friday 16th of october at the Ateneu Theatre. For this concert is required to pick up in advance the invitations at the same theatre. The concert it will be with limited capacity audience. 

The festival it's been programed by the Ajuntament de Cerdanyola and the Blues Comision,  with the colaboration of Diputacio de Barcelona. The festival celebrates the 26th edition with the confirmated presence of  Myles SankoCarvin JonesJohn NémethLos Deltonos and Indigo presenting their new albums. 

The 10th of October will be the date for the first blues Night, at Abat Oliva Square where is going to play legendary local bands like the Sun Street Blues and the return of The cerdanyola Blues band. On sunday the 11th it will be the classic Vermouth & blues, also at the Abat Oliva Square at 12h. 

On Thursday, the 15th of october, is going to be the the blues session at the schools in Cerdanyola and on saturday the 19th it will be the Big Night of the festival in the Turonet Park where where is going to congregate until 5.000 people enjoying the open air concerts by Myles Sanko, Carvin Jones, John Németh, Los Deltonos and Indigos.

In the whole activities and concerts of the festival, is expected to be an audience of 15.000 people. 

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