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Soulshine is formed by five souls that the enjoy playing good music: lars Traue and Salvador Rocosa with the guitars, Eduardo Serrano with the bass, Juan Morilla with the bass and Judit Torres as a singer. Their repertoire is made up of great songs from the history of blues, Soul, R&B and rock. 




The Rock band from Cerdanyola, The Bacos, is going to bring their guitars, their drums and the voice of his lead singuer Toni Molina, into the Sala

 Organization: Sala Circus

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Bone Jam is a band that blends the classic blues feeling with the most modern rock, funk and soul sounds.

They are not from the mississipi, actually the only river that they have seen is the dry stream from Rubí. Somebody let Albert Solà and Sergi Stella, to form a duet playing blues and folk, and now we all suffer the consecuences. Inspired by the american music, Sola & Estella have a repertoire of cover songs from artists like Son House, Robert Johnson and Bob Dylan and they don't exclude the possibility of covering Andy & Lucas. Two voices, two guitars, with the rithm of the drums and the tambourine, Sola & Estella have performance in many stages and festivals and they are going to land in Cal Pintxo the 30th of september. 

Price: 5 Eur

Organization :’Art Viu  Cerdanyola Blues Association 

We are going to have the presence of guests artist from Cerdanyola Blues, from the last 30 years. 

One For The Road is a musical project that pays homage to blues and rock & roll. Their five classic version versions of their idols, ranging from Muddy Waters to Jimi Hendrix, to Chuck Berry and the Stones. OFTR epitomizes the different eras from the cotton fields of the Mississippi to the Rock England of the seventies.

To celebrate their return to the place that gave birth to them seven years ago, the Blues Bar, have prepared a very special concert that they have titled "OftR & Friends". A show in which invited artists and old friends will participate, and where there will be plenty of surprises that will linger in the memory of the audience for a long time. www.onefortheroadband.com

CafeSoul is a band formed in 1992 in full swing of live music. The band was formed in the fix programation of the most prestigious  music halls in Barcelona suc as La Cova del Drac, Luz de Gas, and La Boite. Thanks to his talent they were adopted by the fameous catalan pianist, Lucky Guri. 

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Tina & Joe is a duo formed by Tina Masawi (Zimbabue) and José Azul (Spain) now based in Barcelona.

They both have a large musical experience with their single carreer and now they play together to offer to the public the music that they love.

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The Lucky Dices is a Soul/blues band from Barcelona with Rocío Angue, Toni Mena, Xavi Grau and Miguel Ballester. The band was formed in 2015 with the intention to creat a repertoire that reminds to the public the most famous songs but also claims for this hidden soul and blues songs that they love it

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 Band from Sabadell formed in 2010 with influences in the rock from the 70's. In the acustic format they combine their own songs with covers from groups and artists like The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppellin, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed... From this last one, and his song "Sweet Jane" is how arise the idea for the name of the group. 

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The last 20th of october in 2016, Tòfol Martinez arrived in the SoundClub studio, from Luís Costa in Salt, and with a single session during one afternoon, they recorded some of the songs that he plays in his concerts. This sessions have been recorded in audio and video. 

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(Madrid, 1974) Mix his electric face with his side of old country blues musician. It is in this last one where he have the recognition of the public and the critics. 

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The fact of singing Gospel means an own musical rules and staging. Because of that, the good vibes and the fun are as much important as the technique for the Cor Carlit Choir. This feeling makes the connection with the audience very special and easy. 


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Sun street Blues is a quintet based in Cerdanyola del Valles, with international experience thanks to the colaboration with the guitarist Albert Greenlight with The Excitements. Together they have worked with north american artists and performing in theatres and festivals around The United States and Canada. 

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Red Pig is going to bring us to the most dusty trails from the south of the United States. Between Nashville and The Llobregat, he is fameous for his wild side as a leader of he Booty Hunters. Xavi Ollé has become in one of the maximum exponents of the genre from in days. 

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The next 7 of october, Xavi Rizzo is going to play in acoustic a review of some of the classic songs from the blues, rythm n blues and soul. 

5 bands for 6 hours of concerts in Pla del Turonet. The MAIN night of the festival. 

  • 19:00 – 19:45 Lone Rhino Club
  • 20:00 – 21:00 Christopher Paul Stelling
  • 21:15 – 22:15 Earl Thomas
  • 22:30 – 23:30 Lawrence Jones
  • 23:45 – 00:45 Travellin’ Brothers Little Band
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Mr. Sixty is a band that represents the rock with the blues influences form England at the begining of the 60's with groups like The Beatles, Rolling Stones or Animals. The band os formed by Mike Shannon with the vocals and the harmonica, and Frank Andrada with the bass.

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Teoría del Taburete it's a trio with more than 15 years long career. Now, the blues is still in the essence of the band but they have opnened the repertoire to diferent music style with afroamerican roots such  soul, rock and jazz. Always with the main idea to offer a quality show close to the audience. 

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In Big Yuyu we feel and we life the blues from Mallorca. This year is our 10th aniversary and we have the pleasure to prensent SOULIFY GIRL, our fourth studio album. 

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Organization : Art Viu  Cerdanyola Blues association. Jam Session directed by the professors of the Music School in Cerdanyola. 

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