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At The 1916 Irish Pub 

Lecture “From the plantation to the ghetto”, a journey through the history of the blues.
Presentation of the book “Todo Blues” by Manuel López Poy with music by Santos Puertas.

“From the plantation to the ghetto” is a conference with music and images of approximately 50 minutes, which goes through the evolution of African-American music since the arrival of the first slaves on the coasts of Virginia in 1619 until now.

It is a historical journey through the blues and avatars of the people who created it, the descendants of those slaves. The narrative stops in life in the plantations, the long racial segregation, the struggle for civil rights, the creation and evolution of the blues as an agglutinating cultural phenomenon and expression of African Americans and their subsequent evolution and development in an urban and electrified blues which ended up generating the basis of pop music of the twentieth century.

This conference is a summary of the book “Todo Blues”, which serves as a presentation.

The narration of the author, Manuel López Poy, is based on images of each historical episode with live accompaniment of Santos Puertas who will interpret seven representative themes of each historical moment of the evolution of the blues, from the most primitive rural blues to the British blues.

Regarding the book “Todo Blues”, published by the publisher “Ma Non Troppo”, is the fourth book of the author, Manuel López Poy, regarding the universe of blues. On this occasion, it is his most extensive work, 400 pages, for an extensive and exhaustive volume on the mother of pop music of the twentieth century.

A book with a lot of details, written in a colloquial tone and with rich illustrative anecdotes about the musicians, the songs and the different historical moments in which they were created, to contextualize the evolution of maximum cultural expression of the African-American people that ended up producing other musical genres inherited directly or indirectly, such as Rhythm & Blues, rock & roll, soul, funk, disco or hip-hop.

This is the most extensive and complete work on the blues published by a national writer and, as the author explains in his introduction, it is a work aimed at both amateurs and students that contains all the keys of the genre, but it goes beyond a mere musical guide to tell a story in the most enjoyable way, that serves as a tribute to the African-American people and a manual to approach their history.

Summary Curriculum

Manuel López Poy is a journalist, writer and screenwriter. He directs “El anuario de blues” and is the author of the books “Camino a la Libertad”, “Historia social del blues”, “Los días azules”, “Ficciones del blues”, “Entre el cielo y el infierno” and “Cien efemérides del blues clásico”.

He is also the author of several guides on soul, rhythm & blues and rockabilly, as well as biographies on Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd and the book “El Universo de los Superhéroes”, by the Editorial “Ma Non Troppo”.
He is a contributor to the magazines Ruta 66 and Luzes, and author of different graphic novels, as well as the documentaries “Barnablues”, the history of blues in Barcelona, ​​”Hondarribia Crossroads”, “la Frontera de papel” and five stories of nostalgia and hope.

Santos Puertas was part with his brother Víctor Puertas of the duo “Suitcase Brothers”, a reference of the traditional blues and the “Piedmont” style in this country. As a duo, they won first prize in the Blues Contest Piedmont Blues Society, North Carolina, and were finalists in the “Memphis Blues Challenge 2013”. In his new solo stage, Santos Puertas has just released the album “Triple Santos”.