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At the BCC, Central Library of Cerdanyola

Exhibition by Pedro Villarejo, the artist who has created the poster of this Blues Festival 2019.

The Cerdanyola International Blues Festival is already starting to warm up engines. Today the image that will illustrate the XXIX edition has been made public. The artist for the work is Pedro Villarejo, 46, “and Cerdañolense of a lifetime,” as he has explained.

To stage the moment, the mayor, Carlos Cordón, and the Councilor for Culture, Pepi Rivera, have made the image that will be used to make the poster that will illustrate the Cerdanyola Blues Festival.

When making the image, the artist has started with 3 basic ideas, “the first was to keep the colour blue, closely related to the blues, I also wanted to introduce a character, since it is a style that identifies me, and finally, I wanted the composition to be dynamic, hence it is diagonal. ”

Besides, Villarejo introduces yellow to complement the blue that dominates the scene. Finally, the author decided to incorporate tattoos to the character “to give him a point of modernity and escape from the idea that the blues is for old people only”

It is not the first time that Pedro Villarejo illustrates a Cerdanyola event, since this year he also signs the “A Root Castle” poster of the Sant Marçal Castle concert, organized by the Musical Association of Cerdanyola del Vallès.