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At the “parc del Turonet”

Very often it starts like this, stars that seek to surround themselves with the best musicians and these end up setting up their own band. It doesn’t always go well, but when it does, it’s prodigious. And the Jawbones are so on an individual level and as a quartet. They work, they have unbeatable songs, sound and live. Pure American sound, ranging from Little Feat southern blues to Rolling Stones British blues. As the most obvious reference, The Band, universal reference in this of being a rock band.

Paddy Milner, keyboardist and singer of the band is one of the most brilliant pianists of British blues-rock. Of course he has an exceptional master, John Cleary. Marcus Bonfanti is best known for his extensive career as a solo guitarist in the blues world and tours with Ten Years After, where he takes over from Alvin Lee… Rex Horan, bass, and Evan Jenkins, drums, are the perfect complement for us to enjoy this luxury. Because they are. Pure Rock and Roll The Luxe.